Tuesday, July 10, 2007

If you’ve looked at what’s in your spam folder recently, you know that the immoral juggernaut (we call it Satan and his minions) has moved far beyond the physical realms of earthly cesspools like Las Vegas. Checked out MySpace or YouTube lately? Much of what I find there is overwhelming, discouraging, and, ultimately, frightening. It’s hard to be an eChristian in such an environment.

Search the Net a little harder, and I can find groups of eChristians sharing both messages of hope and messages of warning to each other. Credibility in their world hinges on one’s ability to throw timely Bible verses into the discussion. This is so intimidating for newbie Christians!

We need to stop playing Bible trivia with each other and get on places like MySpace and fight moral decay. Otherwise, should we wait for it to come to us—in our churches?

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