Thursday, August 16, 2007


After giving William S. Creed’s first book in this Christian adventure series a well-deserved 5 stars on Amazon, I had to eagerly wait two years for the sequel to come out.

COMES THE END was indeed a thriller, but this second book, THE GATHERING, does not stand alone without the prequel. The tail end of this book begs for the third in the series to come along and bring back the thrill of the first book. What’s left is essentially what’s between the beginning of the end and the end of the end.

THE GATHERING picks up immediately where COMES THE END leaves off, with Andy and Stephanie following the Lord’s subtle but convenient directions to a new calling. Other than one close call with the “alien” Brothers, there isn’t much meat in the middle of this trilogy. Stephanie and Andy fall in love, rather predictably. A few characters from the previous book appear for cameo rolls. It does have some suspense, but seems to pull back from a climax several times. Creed is laying the groundwork for what I hope is a Biblical-size confrontation yet to come.

The author’s military experience is evident in this book as it was with the first. Military settings are described in loving detail. The place they call Camp Noah is easy to picture. I wish the characters were a little deeper, though. The text flows well, but is plainly written.

A peculiar surprise occurs near the end of this book that will leave you scratching your head. If that makes you curious, go ahead and read the book. If you liked COMES THE END, you’ll enjoy THE GATHERING also, although it's a little like eating tofu after you've had steak.