Thursday, August 10, 2006


So "Violent Night" receives a not-so-glowing review from Jason at Atlantic Book Review. He says the conversations between the members of the Temple Shadows Youth Group are far from realistic. So far from reality, in fact, to be overwhelmingly annoying!

Of course, I know most of you who read the book will disagree. Jason's observations don't upset me, but my curiosity burns: what reality is Jason living in? Are my youth unrealistic because they don't have potty-mouths? Is this evidence of a cultural or regional difference? Could this attitude be borne from liberal (blue state) bias?

Read his review while washing your hair, because it's a real head-scratcher. Your scalp will never be cleaner.

To those teenagers who were involved in the editing process for "Violent Night": You are out of date according to Jason at Atlantic Book Review.

We could always send Buster over there to learn him somethin' 'bout Texas teenagers...